8th grade Yosemite Field Trip Staffing Proposal

I am thankful to the CUSD Board and our district’s (Superintendent) continued support of the Yosemite Program.
My name is Karen Hersh – I am a Hyde Parent. I have been a chaperone on this 8th-grade field trip four times. I have seen first hand the amount of work and attention to small details it takes to make this experience a success for students.

Recently, CUSD decided to streamline the staffing in the district office. In the restructuring, we lost a valuable person who has been part of Yosemite program for the past 13 years. She has had the unique experience of both being a lead teacher and heading the program from the District Office. The newly assigned CUSD employee lacks the hands-on experience needed. Our concern is that many details will be missed leading to less organized trips and will negatively impact the smooth experience for our school community.

We are proposing that district hire a consultant with prior experience to assist the new employee assigned to Yosemite. The consultant will work with school sites and lead teachers to ensure that the Yosemite program gets smoothly transitioned to the new person. We believe this is a better solution to avoid last minute surprises on Yosemite Trips.

I have seen what this field trip means to our 8th graders and I would like (I like to do my part) to ensure our school community continues this tradition to benefit future students. Parents, if you are watching (reading) this – please write an email to the CUSD board members voicing your support for our proposal.

When signing your letter please list your child(rens) grade(s) and school(s). I am hoping that we can get support on this from families from all the schools in the district.

Soma McCandless – President

Kristen Lyn – Vice-President

Phyllis Vogel – Clerk of the Board

Dr. Liang-Fang “Liang” Chao – Board Member
Anjali Kausar – Board Member

Dr. Craig Baker- Superintendent


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